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Aswell as shooting weddings I also like to play with light. I am also asked to shoot cars from time to time.

Here are a few of my favourite images

Focus RS

A friend of mine asked me to shoot a couple of his cars. Here are a couple of images of the Focus RS. Taken during sunset and into the evening, we played with light painting


The light was particularly poor on this day but we managed to get a half decent rolling road shot and used a graffiti wall we used for the RS Focus shoot 

To see a selection of cars and a link to the best car detailing company in the UK please click here


I try and get to see the F1 as often as I can. One of my favourite shots was this one of Lewis hitting the Becketts bend at Silverstone in 2015. I love the way Ive captured the sparks coming from under his car. It adds motion and gives it an 'action' feel.

And here we see Danial Ricciardo in action. This image has been created using a panning technique with a slower shutter speed which allows for the car to remain sharp whilst the wheels are blurred which gives it the sense of speed and action

Light Orb

This is a really clever trick for creating a unique image. Its taken at night using a long shutter speed and a length of string with some l.e.d.s at the end. I simply swung the l.e.d.s in a circle and moved around 360 degrees on the spot. what you end up with is this 'light orb' There is an online tutorial for it here

Manchester Wheel

This shot was taken during a cold wintery night in the heart of Manchester. Again, its achieved using a long exposure (or shutter speed). It vital to have a tripod for this kind of shot to ensure it doesn't come out blurred

Milky Way

I love the night sky. So I visited a place called Kielder in 2015 to shoot the stars. Kielder has a dark skies certificate which means there is virtually no light pollution. On a clear night the sky is breath taking. This shot was taken using a 20 second exposure to highlight the Milky Way above the trees and then a quick flash of the torch over the trees to illuminate them.

Ullswater boat house

If you read my blog there is a section called "I think I'll start photography". In there I talk about my first ever bridge camera. This shot, at the boat house at Knotts End, Ullswater was taken with that camera but it has a touch of HDR added to it which is a technique of blending 3 or more images together. The images are typically under exposed, correctly exposed and over exposed. When they are blended together it allows you to fine tune an image to make highlights and low lights stand out more. There is a tutorial for HDR (high dynamic range) here


My dream land... My long term life plan is to live in Italy. I have an absolute passion for the country. I love its attitude towards life, food, wine, climate and of course its stunning beauty. Here are a couple of shots from a recent trip to Venice. I had to get up in the middle of the night to make sure I could capture what I needed without the tourists in view! Venice at 4am can be a very 'spiritual' place.

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