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I think I'll start photography...

Back in 2008 I was made redundant from my job in Manchester. They gave me an awesome redundancy package. Part of which was £1000 to do some 'training' for absolutely anything - it didnt have to be work related.

So Id always wanted to mix club music and crate my own albums.

So I enrolled on a DJ course, bought some decks and started making great sets.

Then one night in 2010 I was in a club with my (now) wife and there was this young kid on the decks spinning away and getting the crowd up and dancing.

I was 37 at this point and I looked at him (he must have been around 19 ish) and I thought "what the hell are you doing? you're way too old for this scene!".

So I made the decision to give up the decks and try something else instead.

Id always been a 'creative' kind of soul and I loved snapping away with my compact camera. So I took the cash I got for my DJ kit and went to a camera shop to buy as much kit as I could get my hands on.

"Whoah, slow down son" said the (rather honest) salesman in the camera shop.

He could have sold me all sorts and taken all of my cash. But what he did do was sell me a brideg camera - the type which is in between a small compact camera and a full size SLR.

He told me to go and learn with it for 12 months and if after that time I was happy with it then come back and he would sell me a full SLR kit.

And thats pretty much how my love for taking pictures started. I still use that bridge camera even to this day at my weddings. But just to photograph rings and extreme close ups of flowers etc. It has a great macro mode.

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